Who We Are

Partners 4 Safety (P4S) of Summit County is an advocacy organization that seeks to improve safety for seniors and whose mission is to stop accidents before they happen.  We were originally formed in 1990 as Summit County Safety Seekers, however, based on perceived needs in the community, we later created the group Partners4Safety.  To regularly connect with the community, we make presentations to groups, organizations, churches, and others “to get the word out” about safety.

In addition to focusing on safety and preventative measures within the home, P4S offers suggestions on how to reduce hazards outside the home, as well as how to establish a Neighborhood Watch Program.  Click Here to learn more.

To inquire about a presentation on safety, you may call the Summit County, Portage County, or Medina County Office of the American Red Cross at 330-535-6131.



What We Do

P4S collaboratively develops wellness strategies, creates resource-sharing networks and partnerships, implements community teaching and training, and serves community needs in order to create thriving living environments for Senior adult populations in Ohio. Together we can make this world a better place for our Seniors. We need each others in order for our social world to function.  Many of us have Seniors in our lives and know that they have so much knowledge and life lessons to share that can make a difference. Join us and/or contact us today so we can make the well-being for seniors a reality.

Health & Safety Worker Partnership

We are proud that emergency workers, healthcare workers, first-responders, and the human beings on the front lines of human care are apart of our partnership to protect the safety of seniors. Together, we have a heart for service that focuses on sharing the resources that each one of our networks possess in order to better serve the many needs of Senior adult populations in Summit County. 

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Partners 4 Safety of Summit County

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