Partners4Safety (P4S) is a community-based coalition devoted to senior safety. The Committee represents many sectors of society ranging from concerned citizens to public officials.

We partnered to create this online Senior Safety Resource & Advocacy Center that senior adults, community organizations, business leaders, safety workers, and citizens can access to improve positive health outcomes and the well-being of seniors and their loved ones. The time for senior safety is now!

The Power of Community

There is great power in seniors being connected to each other, to quality life-saving information, and to community resources.  By reaching out and connecting with one another for support, there is so much to gain.  Here, you can learn more about how to be involved, share information, and advocate for the well-being of seniors in your community.

Akron Fire Department

The Akron Fire Department exists to protect the lives, property, and environment within our community by minimizing the impact of fire, medical emergencies, and hazardous conditions.  Fire Prevention, survival tips, and having a safety plan is key. 

Our motto is “Dedicated to Serve” and that’s how we approach our residents and the community.  We are here to serve you! Please feel free to use the helpful Fire Prevention and Safety resources in the Recipes for Safety & Health resource guide.

Maintaining Quality Living

Aging in life often presents many challenges and pitfalls that can stand in the way of quality health and wellness. The beautiful news is that resources are immediately available to help you cope with and/or overcome obstacles. Check out our Recipes for Safety & Health Resource Guide and the Home Inspection Guide which are designed to help sustain seniors in their desire to have a high quality of life. An active, rewarding, and a fun life is possible today!

Attacking the Hidden Hazards in Your Home and Beyond


Our Mission

 The Mission of Partners 4 Safety is to work together as a coalition to prevent unintentional injuries, focusing primarily on Summit County residents who are age 65 and older.


Partners4Safety Recipes for Health & Safety

Senior Wellness through Prevention & Resource Sharing

Physical, mental, emotional, and resource health and safety are essential building blocks to sustain a fulfilling life. A prevention-focused health & safety approach stops the negative development of dangers before they can occur or worsen by providing live-saving knowledge, skills, and resources.

For aging senior adult populations, preventing potential harms and alleviating the pain of negative conditions is key to achieving a high quality life. When we’re alone and isolated it’s so difficult to maintain our well-being; however, when we’re connected together lending each other support and care we can achieve anything.  It’s through this connectivity and sharing of resources that we empower ourselves, our friends and loved one’s, and community to enjoy safety and health.  

Partners4Safety is constantly committed to collaborative efforts that give Seniors a continued path forward to wellness.

Key Statistics on Senior Safety & Health


of Seniors Battle Chronic Disease

Approximately 80% of older adults have at least one chronic disease, and 77% have at least two. Such health challenges can take their toll and make one feel isolated in their pain. Remember, you’re not a lone. Help in the daily fight is available now.


of Seniors deal with Mental Health Issues

38% of older adults experience some mental health challenges including depression, anxiety, and dementia. Most unfortunately don’t seek out treatment or support.  A helping hand can make all the difference. Check out our resources for support.

Seniors struggle with Substance Abuse

The number of senior adults with substance abuse issues is expected to exceed 6.4 million by 2020.  89% of seniors report they are currently taking prescription medicine leaving them susceptible to drug addiction.  It’s not too late for you or loved ones to get help. 


of Senior Hospital Admissions are for falls

One in four Americans aged 65+ falls each year. Falls account for 25% of all hospital admissions and 40% of all nursing home admissions. Our Home Inspection Guide and falls prevention tips outline easy steps to maintain health and independence.

A Letter from our Partners Executive Committee

Dear Fellow Citizen,

Partners4Safety firmly believes that every single Senior deserves to age with a high quality of life, to be valued and cared for, respected, and given the opportunity to engage in a rewarding senior phase of life.

Partners4Safety is a grassroots collective of citizens, community organizers, government leaders and officials, senior health and wellness advocates, medical professionals, legal experts, service organizations, and more; all with a steadfast commitment toward providing safety resources and raising health awareness in order to ensure positive life outcomes for senior adults.

We have designed our Recipes for Safety & Health resource guide to provide vital tools and information for senior wellness across a wide-spectrum of life areas.

We wish you well and hope you’ll join us in the cause to help make a positive impact in the lives of seniors.



Partners4Safety Executive Committee

Partners 4 Safety of Summit County


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